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Our Next Generation ReDi (“Respire Diagnostics”) medical devices use exhaled breath to identify biomarkers that correlate to diseases for patient identification and condition monitoring.

We are currently conducting our clinical trials and regulatory approvals. Our REDI devices aim to use biomarkers like Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), lactate and nitrites, which act as a proxy for common respiratory diseases (COPD, asthma), sepsis, and the physical fitness.

Our Vision.

We have a vision that measurements of the concentration of biomarkers in exhaled breath will be the next generation of medical diagnostic tool.

Biomarkers Correlating to Diseases

Quantify the severity of your acute or chronic disease using biomarkers





Non-invasive, Instant and Inexpensive

way of quantifying a patient’s condition and monitor their progress


3 steps

3 minutes

£3/ test

Point of Care

Portable, patient self-operated, suitable for home monitoring





Stay Connected

Let your clinician monitor your condition and improve your quality of life





Our History.

Respire Diagnostics is a spin-out from Imperial College London. We were recruited by the UK Department for International Trade to set up our HQ in London, receiving funding from the UK Research and Innovation's Innovate UK, MedTech SuperConnector and EIT Health Network.


Respire Diagnostics completed Tech Transfer at Imperial College London (TRL4), and conducted two clinical studies with Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital (National Heart and Lung Institute) (TRL5). We are now working towards acquiring Regulatory Approval (ISO13485) for our REDI medical devices. We aim to expand our sensor portfolio of potential biomarkers to target other diseases.

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