Born out of necessity, for reproducible experiments

Disposable sensors are just not as accurate, robust and reproducible compared to rod electrodes.

Until Now. We use ion-assisted vapour deposition to manufacture our sensors - and the result shows.

Our end to end cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, combined with zero compromises on materials and a highly qualified team ensures all sensors produced in-house are of the best quality.


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Technical Specification

Cyclic Voltammetry

Results from cyclic voltammogram (Figure 1) resembles bulk gold electrochemical characteristics, demonstrating clear reduction and oxidation. The average peak separation is 72 ± 0.6 mV (Figure 2) with a relative standard deviation (RSD) of 0.32% in peak charge.


Physical Properties

The SEM reveals an even surface with minimal pinholes (Figure 3). The surface is hydrophilic with a contact angle of <70⁰ (Figure 4), which allows for easy modification of the working electrode.

SEM and CA.jpg